The Power of Theatrical Madness - Jan Fabre

Jan Fabre

The Power of Theatrical Madness

Created at the Venice Biennal 1984, re-creation 2012.


FEB. 6 - 12.

[6, 7, 10, 11, 12 Feb. 19:30]  bus
[8 Feb.  15:00]  bus

duration 4h20, free circulation
Shuttle bus back to Paris after each show.


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7 to 24€
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Retrouvez Jan Fabre avec Attends, attends, attends…(pour mon père) les 23 et 24 janvier à 21h15 au Théâtre de Vanves, complice artistique du T2G.

Majestic and festive, superb and arrogant, this funeral oration sounds the death knell for past forms to celebrate those to come in a salutary and joyful momentum. The stage which gives into tears, sweat and flesh laid bare, is scandalously erotic.


It's the art of burying a theatre that was and is no more, with pomp and splendour. It's the art of paying homage while slamming the door in the faces of its elders. Jan Fabre wrote 'The Power of Theatrical Madness', a major play in his repertoire in 1984. In doing so, this turbulent artist who hates prettiness, the niceties of good behaviour and over cautiousness, buried once and for all the starched, corseted, formatted scenes that collapse under frills and ooze with the mould of a hundred places in all directions. It requires no less than 4.5 hours for this reconfiguration programme to take effect on stage. It liberates theatre from the 19th century and its avatars in an urgent search for vitality where the only credo seems to be "the here and now". That is what the actors use as they push themselves to the limits of physical exhaustion, wearing themselves out in countless repetitions of names of plays, authors and dates which underpin the history of the stage. They are in uniform, suits and tie, naked, wearing golden crowns on their heads, running like madmen or panting like dogs. With perverse zeal they resuscitate a mummified theatre that accepts no transgression. And in doing so, they achieve a supreme gesture that mixes video, bodies, script and music. By activating this conflict between past and present, a theatrical form emerges which owes its legitimacy to it alone. A swirling form from which we emerge as straight as die, with the certainty that our internal clocks have just been reset.


Conception, mise en scène, chorégraphie et lumière Jan Fabre

Avec Maria Dafneros, Piet Defrancq, Mélissa Guérin, Nelle Hens, Sven Jakir, Carlijn Koppelmans, Georgios Kotsifakis, Dennis Makris, Lisa May, Giulia Perelli, Gilles Polet, Pietro Quadrino, Merel Severs, Nicolas Simeha, Kasper Vandenberghe

Musique Wim Mertens

Costumes Pol Engels, Jan Fabre. Réalisation costumes 2012 Katarzyna Mielczarek

L’Arche est éditeur et agent théâtral de Jan Fabre

Spectacle recréé en 2012 à Impulstanz Festival de Vienne.

Production Troubleyn/Jan Fabre.

Coproduction deSingel (Anvers), Romaeuropa Festival (Rome).

Avec le soutien des Autorités flamandes, de la Ville d’Anvers.


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Photo © Wonge Bergmann



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